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About The Everyday Trainer

A Holistic and Mindful Approach to Dog Training.

We like to keep things simple here at The Everyday Trainer. Our training focuses on dog + owner state of mind work to address problems like pulling on leash, reactivity, fearfulness, and so much more. 

We Go Beyond Obedience Training

We'll teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle for your dog through proper nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness practices. Our training looks at the dog through a holistic lens- behavior is so much more than sit and down. It's about creating a lifestyle for your dog that embraces their true nature. 

The Everyday Trainer Community was built with one goal: to help you succeed.

By joining the Everyday Trainer community and you'll have access to:

  • Unedited videos from training sessions with client dogs. These are the videos we don't give access to the public!
  • Over 100+ pages of our material in our guides- the same guides that our owners get when they come to us for training.
  • Live Q&A sessions where I'll answer all your dog training questions and help you navigate any problems you might be struggling with.
  • Unedited, full-length videos of our podcasts- think of this like a front row seat into my life. Ya'll know I spill the tea on my podcast.
  • A community chat of like-minded owners + trainers that you can learn along side of. Ask questions, chat, and make some new friends. That's what this is all about.

Tackling the most common (and uncommon) dog behaviors.

If you're struggling with these dog behaviors, you're not alone. We can help.

  • Do you feel insecure taking your dog out in public for fear of them misbehaving?
  • Are they pulling you on the leash?
  • Are they barking at dogs or other people?
  • Do they whine or bark whenever you leave?

With So Many Communities to Choose From, Why Choose The Everyday Trainer Community?

This community is different.

Dog training can be a really intimidating thing. When I was first struggling with my own dog I felt so overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information out there that just didn't align with my values. 

With this community, I've created a space that I wish I had when I was struggling with my own dog Lucy. This is a space to chat + connect with trainers, other owners, and to get the knowledge you need to train your dog on your own. This is all about making you feel confident in yourself and your training.

The Everyday Trainer community is a bad, ass support group for all things dog and we're really happy you found us. Can't wait for you to join!